Chris Ruck
From the time he was old enough to hold a hammer, Chris showed a passion for woodworking and construction. His childhood and teenage years were spent building toys for himself & his brother, helping his parents remodel their home and working on an endless array of cars (including two different engine rebuilds and a complete drive train swap!)

It is his desire to not only understand how things work, but to execute his plans with flawless perfection, that provide Chris with the necessary discipline for woodworking & construction.

After graduating from High School in Cambridge, Wisconsin, Chris headed to the University of Wisconsin - Madison. There he obtained degrees in Engineering & Naval Science.

After traveling the world for four years as an officer with the Marine Corps, Chris returned to Wisconsin to follow his passion for Woodworking and Construction.

Having spent many years working commercial construction and residential remodeling (while building furniture on the side), Chris decided that the time had come to start his own business. The Sawdust Pile, llc was born.

This web site gives a very small window of what The Sawdust Pile, llc is capable of. As the site says, if you can dream it, we can build it.

The Sawdust Pile, llc
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